Phil Wickens: Photographer, Mountaineer & Lecturer

Phil by ZakBassonPhil studied biology at Imperial College in London, England. After completing his PhD in plant pathology, he worked for two winters and three summers as a field guide for the British Antarctic Survey, combining his passion for natural science with that of mountain exploration and photography. He has led numerous climbing and skiing expeditions to Antarctica, Tibet, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Peru, East Greenland, the Caucasus and Canada, and was Vice President of the Alpine Club in 2006-7.

Phil works as a freelance photographer, polar guide, expedition leader, naturalist and lecturer in expeditions, polar geology and history. When not working or playing in far-flung places he lives in England on the edge of Peak District National Park.


Please contact Phil if you would like to know more, or are interested in his lectures, guiding, exhibitions or photography