Each of Phil's adventures has resulted in an amazing collection of photographs and stories to go with them. In these lectures he brings his images to life with accounts of the people, the travel and the adventures associated with travelling, climbing and skiing in remote locations. 

Endless Winter

This shows what it is like to live continuously for 33 months in Antarctica. Based both on an Antarctic Research Base and in tents deep in the heart of Antarctica, this is a very personal account of the work, the science and the play of the research and support staff in Antarctica. Includes Phil's  2 minute film of winter diving under ice.

Exploring Greenland by Dog & Ski

Four friends head off to the snowy wilderness of Greenland at the end of winter. They travel by dog sled with inuit hunters to reach a group of mountains, where they climb and ski many of the surrounding mountains, before dragging their sleds across the mountains and sea ice to return to the inuit settlement. This is their story. Includes video clips from the expedition.