Online exhibitions of my photographic work, these tell the story of particular aspects of my travel and expeditions. For further details about exhibitions, and how to exhibit my work, please contact Phil

Antarctic Skiing

Ski AntarcticaBlack & White images of Skiing in Antarctica

I have been skiing in Antarctica for 19 years and made the first ascents and descents of over 30 virgin peaks. This is a selection of my favourite monochrome images from my skiing expeditions to Antarctica.

Alpine Club Antarctic Expedition 2013

Alpine Club Antarctic Expedition 2013 GalleryImages from the 2013 Alpine Club Expedition

The Alpine Club returned to Antarctica on Spirit of Sydney to explore the mountains of the Kiev Peninsula, north of Beascochea Bay. The Alpine Club Antarctic Expedition 2013 summited 6 previously unclimbed mountains. These photos document this adventure.

Ski Antarctica 2012

Ski AntarcticaImages from the 2012 Eagle Ski Club Expedition

Probably the most successful ski expedition to ever visit the Antarctic, the Eagle Ski Club Antarctic Expedition climbed and skied 13 mountains, 8 of which were first ascents. These images show some of the fantastic skiing, climbing and scenery of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Alpine Club Antarctic Expedition 2010

Alpine Club Antarctic Expedition 2010 GalleryImages from the 2010 Alpine Club Antarctic Expedition.

After crossing the Drake Passage aboard the yacht Spirit of Sydney, the Alpine Club Antarctic Expedition was successful in summiting 8 Antarctic mountains, five of which were previously unclimbed. These images document the expedition that Climb Magazine described as 'one of the most productIve cIvIlIan brItIsh mountaIneerIng ventures to antarctIca in recent hIstory'.

Ghosts in the Ice

Ghosts in the Ice GalleryAn insight into the vanishing landscape, heritage and wildlife of the Arctic.

The Arctic has always been a dynamic place. Mountain ranges have been built and eroded; tropical climates have been replaced by ice; glaciers have advanced and retreated; mining entrepreneurs have set up their businesses and folded; explorers have travelled and disappeared; sea ice forms and melts; wildlife arrives and moves on. Throughout the arctic lie clues as to what was there before, and, as the climate changes, a glimpse of what the arctic stands to lose in the future. These are the ghosts that are in the arctic ice.